Downtown Lawrence Scene Glass

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Downtown Lawrence Scene Glass Container Candle

Introducing our Downtown Lawrence Scene glass! Designed & printed in Lawrence, KS by Grandstand Glassware & Apparel  it features some of downtown's most iconic buildings. It's filled with our quality food grade paraffin wax and scented with our popular “Lawrence” fragrance, a smooth blend of Lilac, Pine & Hemp. Bonus...the decorative glass is reusable!

Pictured burning on our 4" Waxman Ceramics plate. Plate sold separately.

Featured Buildings:
609 Mass - Waxman Candles
636 Mass - Freestate Brewery
644 Mass - Liberty Hall
746 Mass - Merchants Pub & Plate
804 Mass  - Sunflower Outdoor & Bike Shop
829 Mass - Brown's Shoe Fit Co.
901 Mass - Weaver's Department Store
1013 Mass - Varsity Theater (Urban Outfitters)
1020 Mass - The Granada
1100 Mass - County Courthouse

Color: Off White
Fragrance: Lawrence
Burns approximately 60 hours
Material: Glass & Paraffin Wax (12 oz)
Glass Container Dimensions: Width 3½" - Height 4¼"

Burning Tips:

  • Allow entire top layer to liquefy before blowing out.
  • Between burns, trim and discard wick clippings when candle is completely cool.
  • Any soot that may collect inside the glass can be easily removed when candle is completely cool using a damp soft cloth or paper towel.

Place in freezer/refrigerator to aid in removal of residual wax/wick tab before washing glass to use for beverage consumption.
Dishwasher safe - Remove residual wax/wick tab before washing.

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