Silhouettes & Shapes

Silhouettes & Shapes


The silhouette candle grew its popularity in the 1970's which spurred Bob and his crew, over the past 54 years, to create hundreds of designs ranging from nature scenes to cityscapes. A silhouette candle is made by layering different colors of wax, then while wax is still warm using a handmade metal stencil to apply desired cuts and finally removing unwanted areas of wax to reveal color underneath. Made with pigment color, the vibrant design will last for years without fading if stored & cared for properly. Our poured shape candles are molded from hand crafted Waxman original designs. Originals are typically made using wax or clay and then molded using a two-part liquid rubber to create molds that will then produce multiples of the original. The combination of old-world candle making techniques, unique original designs and 54 years of multigenerational candle making experience is why people continue to label us as "the coolest candle shop on earth".

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