KU Campus Scene Glass

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KU Campus Glass Container Candle

Designed & printed in Lawrence, KS by Grandstand Glassware & Apparel  it features some of KU Campus' iconic buildings. It's filled with our quality food grade paraffin wax and scented with our custom "Wave The Wheat" fragrance, a nostaligia inducing blend of Limestone, Walnut & Sweet Wheat. Bonus...the decorative glass is reusable! Pictured burning on our medium Waxman Ceramics plate. Plate sold separately.

Did you know...

  • On KU’s main campus there are 22 buildings primarily made of limestone. Which includes Dyche Hall, Fraser Hall and the Campanile.
  • 1878 marked the beginning of KU’s first purposeful campaign of “campus beautification” with the planting of black walnut trees by Chancellor James Marvin in present-day “Marvin Grove.”
  • “Waving the wheat” at ball games is a tradition that doesn’t seem to have a firm start date. Best estimate is it started in the late 20’s or early 30’s. No matter its exact start date, this fun tradition has stood the test of time!

Featured Buildings:
Dyche Hall, Lippincott Hall, Fraser Hall, Campanile, Strong Hall & Allen Fieldhouse.

Color: Off White
Fragrance: Wave The Wheat
Burns approximately 60 hours
Material: Glass & Paraffin Wax (12 oz)
Glass Container Dimensions: Width 3½" - Height 4¼"

Burning Tips:

  • Allow entire top layer to liquefy before blowing out.
  • Between burns, trim and discard wick clippings when candle is completely cool.
  • Any soot that may collect inside the glass can be easily removed when candle is completely cool using a damp soft cloth or paper towel.

Place in freezer/refrigerator to aid in removal of residual wax/wick tab before washing glass to use for beverage consumption.
Handwashing Recommended - Remove residual wax/wick tab before washing.


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