Dozen Wax Melts

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Get a deal when purchasing 12 wickless wax melts of the same fragrance.

Purchase 12 wickless wax melts and get a deal!

Made with our premium fragrance oils and paraffin wax, this triple strength wickless melt can be used in any electric or non-electric warmer to produce room-filling fragrance.

Fragrance Life: Approximately 12 Hours Each
Tart Dimensions: Width 2" - Height 1/2"

Buff - A bold cologne like fragrance with top notes of clean cotton, soft floral hints & cool musk.

Holidaze - One of our most popular winter holiday fragrances, Holidaze is a sweet and spicy vanilla fragrance with woodsy undertones.

Mayan - A bright musky fragrance with spicy top notes and sultry woody undertones.

Mediterranean - Transport yourself to the Grecian cost with this blend of fragrant florals, sultry cologne salty air & rich earth. 

Nag Champa - “Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa” like incense scent. Known for its earthy aroma, contains juniper, patchouli, vanilla. rose geranium and jasmine.

Opium - A perfume like scent with fruity top notes, a spicy floral middle and wood & musk undertones.

Rain - Divine musk mixed with pungent sweet & earthy notes.

Santa Farts - During a routine column candle pouring an accidental mix of Sexy and Cinnamon fragrance produced Santa Farts, one of our most popular winter holiday fragrances. This perfume style sweet and spicy mix is a perfect alternative to traditional woodsy holiday scents. 

Sexy - “Ck One” like perfume scent - Sweet and fruity with gentle spicy undertones.

Wilderness - Bright fragrant top notes of fresh pine with undertones of crisp cedar and spruce.

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