Super Votive

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Super Votive

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Individual Super Votives

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A larger version of our standard votive, these megafragranced super votive candles are the cornerstone of the Waxman tradition.
Some say that Waxman has the best super votive candles on the market. Who are we to argue?
Super votives are a very economical way of surrounding yourself with lovely scents. You must experience the Waxman super votive! 

Burns 30-40 Hours 
Candle Dimensions: Top 2 5/8" - Height 2½" - Base 2¼"

100% Handmade in the USA

Burning Tip: Place these candles in a tight fitting container. Votives liquefy completely as they burn. Therefore, snugger the fit, better the burn. 

Amber - A smooth blend of sweet vanilla and warm musk with hints of earthy florals & herbs.

Buff - A bold cologne like fragrance with top notes of clean cotton, soft floral hints & cool musk.

Drakkar -
 “Drakkar Noir” like cologne scent - With notes of lavender, tangerine, coriander, juniper, patchouli & oakmoss.

Mayan -
 A bright musky fragrance with spicy top notes and sultry woody undertones.

Mediterranean -
 Transport yourself to the Grecian cost with this blend of fragrant florals, sultry cologne, salty air & rich earth.

Nag Champa - “Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa” like incense scent. Known for its earthy aroma, contains juniper, patchouli, vanilla. rose geranium and jasmine.

Nirvana -
 Drift into a transcendent state with this divine blend of crisp florals and soothing musk.

Opium -
 A perfume like scent with fruity top notes, a spicy floral middle and wood & musk undertones. 

Rain -
 Divine musk mixed with pungent sweet & earthy notes. 

Sexy -
 “Ck One” like perfume scent - Sweet and fruity with gentle spicy undertones.

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Additional Information

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