Super Votive

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Individual Super Votives

A larger version of our standard votive, these megafragranced super votive candles are the cornerstone of the Waxman tradition.
Super votives are a very economical way of surrounding yourself with lovely scents. You must experience the Waxman super votive!

Can't find your favorite fragrance? Head over to Super Votive - Half DozenFALL or WINTER for more fragrance options!

Burns 30-40 Hours 
Candle Dimensions: Top 2 5/8" - Height 2½" - Base 2¼"

Burn these candles in a tight fitting noncombustible container. Votives liquefy completely as they burn. Keep wax pool clear of stray objects, burn on a noncombustible surface & never burn unattended.

  • Lead-free paper core wick
  • Premium candle fragrance oils -fragrance is released when the wax reaches its melting point
  • U.S.A. sourced fully-refined paraffin wax - classified by the F.D.A as clean-burning and non-toxic

Drakkar - “Drakkar Noir” like cologne scent - With notes of lavender, tangerine, coriander, juniper, patchouli & oakmoss. 

Lawrence - A Waxman blend of warm hemp, bright lilac & subtle pine.

Mayan - A bright musky fragrance with spicy top notes and sultry woody undertones.

Mediterranean - Transport yourself to the Grecian cost with this blend of fragrant florals, sultry cologne, salty air & rich earth. 

Rain - Divine musk mixed with pungent sweet & earthy notes.

Sexy - “Ck One” like perfume scent - Sweet and fruity with gentle spicy undertones.


cinnamon, cranberry, drakkar, lawrence, lavender, mayan, mediterranean, rain, pomegranate, sexy, spa, spruce, sweetgrass, vanilla, winterwood, autumn chai

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