Spell Columns

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Spell Column Candles

Candles are burned to lend their energy in magic.
Use our Spell Column candles when seeking wisdom, promoting good health, summoning creativity and much more.
Pictured burning in our Slate Waxman Ceramic holder specifically made for this size of candle. Ceramic holder sold separately.

No Fragrance
Candle Dimensions: Width 1¾" - Height 9"

To help ensure an even burn, each time the candle is lit, we recommend letting it burn 1-2 hours before blowing out and carefully rotating periodically. Trim wick to 1/4" between burns. Keep wax pool clear of stray objects, burn on a noncombustible surface & never burn unattended.

GREEN Represents mother earth and her healing powers.
Use for: healing, monetary success, abundance & fertility.
RED Represents connection to the earth.
Use for: self perception, survival, career goals & promote passion.
BLACK Represents the absence of all light and color.
Use for: protection, repelling negativity & summon creativity.
PURPLE Represents royalty and leadership.
Use for: alignment, psychic abilities & self assurance.
PINK Represents support and caring.
Use for: romance, friendship, affection & peace.
WHITE Represents reflected light containing all of the visible rays of the spectrum.
Use for: spirituality & peace.
ORANGE Represents ambition and success.
Use for: career goals, creativity & fast results.
BLUE Represents the element water.
Use for: communication, peace or calm, protection, wisdom & intuition.
BROWN Represents the earth.
Use for:  home, healing, friendship & influence.
YELLOW Represents the sun.
Use for: energy, concentration, memory, learning & understanding.

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