Penguin - Medium

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Black and white penguin with ribbon scarf.

Meium penguin with *ribbon scarf. Pictured with our small penguin for size reference.
Pictured burning on our 4" Waxman Ceramic plate. Ceramic plate sold separately.

*Please note, the ribbon varies in color and style piece to piece.

The silhouette candle was popular in the 1970's. Made with pigment color, the color will last for years without fading if stored & cared for properly.

No Fragrance
Dimensions: Width 2¼" - Height 4½"

Ribbon scarf MUST be removed before burning!
Carefully rotate candle periodically and trim wick to 1/4" between burns. 
Keep wax pool clear of stray objects, burn on a noncombustible surface & never burn unattended.

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