Individual Votives

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Individual Standard Votive Candle

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Votives are a very economical way of surrounding yourself with lovely scents. You must experience the Waxman Votive!

Burns 10-12 Hours
Candle Dimensions: Top 1¾" - Height 1¾" - Base 1½"

Burn these candles in a tight fitting noncombustible container. Votives liquefy completely as they burn. Keep wax pool clear of stray objects, burn on a noncombustible surface & never burn unattended

Amber - A smooth blend of sweet vanilla and warm musk with hints of earthy florals & herbs.

Amaretto - A deliciously sweet Waxman blend of almond & cherry.

Asia - A rich complex blend of aromatic incense, smoldering musk and exotic woods.

Aphrodisiac - A tantalizing floral blend of lavender, rose, ylang and spicy patchouli.

Baby Cucumber - A fresh blend of cucumber blossoms & crisp melon mingled with sugared citrus.

Balsam - A sweet-smelling oil or resin derived from various trees & shrubs.

Bubble Bath - A relaxing combination of lavender & nirvana, a blend of crisp florals and soothing musk.

Buff - A bold cologne like fragrance with top notes of clean cotton, soft floral hints & cool musk.

Bergamot - Bergamot oil is extracted from the rinds of citrus fruit that grow on bergamot orange trees.

Burning Wood - The bold permeating aroma of a smoky cedar wood fire.

Calm - A Waxman blend of patchouli & sandalwood.

Chakra - Balance your chakras with Waxman’s blend of lavender, opium, sandalwood, sweet grass & holly berry.

Citron - A delicately subtle & warm citrusy fragrance.

Culinary-  A herbaceous Waxman blend of basil, clove, ginger & sage.

Dragon’s Blood – An alluring blend of fresh orange & grape, zesty clove and spicy patchouli.

Drakkar - “Drakkar Noir” like cologne scent - With notes of lavender, tangerine, coriander, juniper, patchouli & oakmoss.

Dreamcicle - Juicy orange & sweet vanilla cream.

Egyptian - A luxurious Waxman blend of frankincense, myrrh, patchouli & sandalwood.

Energizing - An invigorating Waxman blend of basil, rosemary & rosewood.

Fresh Bamboo - Blend of bamboo stalks, aloe, jasmine, vetiver & light musk.

Fresh Cut - Delicate perfume-y florals mixed with sharp aromatic greenery.

Fuscia - An intoxicating blend of succulent fruits, soft florals & smooth warm musk.

Green House - Gentle notes of fresh greenery with subtle floral undertones.

Highlife - A Waxman blend of heady opium, bold quartz, sweet strawberry & tart cherry.

Hightide - “Nautica Blue” like cologne scent - With notes of jasmine, musk, basil, sandalwood & pineapple.

Honey Beeswax - Smooth creamy beeswax with added sweet honey.

House - Bring home the essence of Waxman Candles - Every fragrance in one!

Kaba Kaba – Lighter fragranced pine tree variety found in the American southwest.

Kumquat - A refreshing sweet and tangy citrus fruit fragrance.

Lawrence - A Waxman blend of warm hemp, bright lilac & subtle pine.

Love Potion - An enticing concoction of myrrh, bergamot, frangipani & clove.

Maile & Yellow Frangipani - A blend of the sweet smelling Hawaiian Maile plant and yellow frangipani, a tropical night flower.

Mayan - A bright musky fragrance with spicy top notes and sultry woody undertones.

Meditation - A Waxman blend of soothing chamomile, neroli, patchouli and sandalwood.

Mediterranean - Transport yourself to the Grecian cost with this blend of fragrant florals, sultry cologne, salty air & rich earth.

Moonlight Path – A delicate blend of soft rose & jasmine with sweet musk & slight woody undertones.

Nag Champa - “Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa” like incense scent. Known for its earthy aroma, contains juniper, patchouli, vanilla, rose geranium & jasmine.

Nirvana - Drift into a transcendent state with this divine blend of crisp florals and soothing musk.

Opium - A perfume like scent with fruity top notes, a spicy floral middle and wood & musk undertones.

Quartz – A “Clean Cotton” like fragrance with bright floral top notes.

Rain - Divine musk mixed with pungent sweet & earthy notes.

Rainforest - Reminiscent of Bob’s travels through Central America - A captivating blend of aromatic florals, misty pine-oak forests & sweet fruit.

Sexy - “Ck One” like perfume scent - Sweet and fruity with gentle spicy undertones.

Sea Breeze - A Waxman blend reminiscent of Bob’s time spent on the Atlantic coast - Pungent bayberry & salty marsh grass.

Spanish Moss – A blend of perfume-y florals and lush green woods with a slight warm musky undertone.

Stressless - A relaxing Waxman blend of chamomile, lavender & sage.

Tundra - A tangy Waxman blend of cherry, ginger & sweet grass.

Vineyard – Full-bodied grape fragrance.

Wilderness - Bright fragrant top notes of fresh pine with undertones of crisp cedar and spruce.

Yellow Frangipani – A sweet, almost citrusy fragrant night flower found in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

Ylang Ylang – A star-shaped flower that grows on the Cananga tree native to countries surrounding the Indian Ocean. A rich aromatic scent that is fruity & flowery.

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