Chicago Neighborhood Fragrances - Half Dozen

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Have an absolute fav that you want more of? Select a half dozen of the same neighborhood fragrance, here!

Waxman created 19 specialty fragrances to transport you to iconic Chicago neighborhoods - Have an absolute fav that you want more of? Select a half dozen of the same neighborhood fragrance, here! Or check out our "Fragrances of Chicago Votive box", which contains 10 pre selected neighborhood fragrances.

Bucktown  /  Fragrance: An alluring cologne-esque blend of Buff & Fresh Linen.
Boystown  /  Fragrance: A voluptuous perfumed blend of Sexy, Drakkar & Buff.
Englewood  /  Fragrance: A sharp musky blend of Rain & Neroli.
Garfield Park  /  Fragrance: A fresh floral blend of Rose & Green House.
Gold Coast  / Fragrance: A luxurious potent blend of Mediterranean & Spa.
Humboldt Park  /  Fragrance: A subtle blend of fruity Sorbet & light citrusy Utopia.
Hyde Park  /  Fragrance: A bold earthy blend of Leather & Redwood.
Lakeview  /  Fragrance: An enticing cologne-esque blend of Opium & Lavender.
Lincoln Park  /  Fragrance: An potent earthy blend of Neroli, Nag Champa & Sandalwood.
Logan Square  /  Fragrance: A robust aromatic blend of Coffee & Spice.
Old Town  /  Fragrance: A tantalizing iscence-esque blend of Temple & Asia.
Pilsen  /  Fragrance: A snappy herbaceous blend of fresh Cilantro & Chamomile.
River North  /  Fragrance: A soft sultry blend of Rain & Moonlight Path.
South Deering  /  Fragrance: A pungent blend of earthy Pecan & zesty Anise.
South Shore  /  Fragrance: A warm musky blend of citrusy Bergamont & Nirvana.
The Loop  /  Fragrance: A bright stimulating blend of fruity Kumquat & Lemon Grass.
Uptown  /  Fragrance: A delicious blend of ripe Black Cherry & sweet Almond.
Wicker Park  /  Fragrance: A warm sultry blend of Sexy & Fuscia.
Wrigleyville  /  Fragrance: A crisp minty blend of Wintergreen & Leather.

Burns 10-12 Hours Each 
Individual Candle Dimensions: Top 1¾" - Height 1¾" - Base 1½" 

Burning Tip: Place these candles in a tight fitting container. Votives liquefy completely as they burn. Therefore, snugger the fit, better the burn.

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