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Botanical Creations essential oil incense sticks - Handmade in Gardner, Colorado.

All natural essential oil incense sticks handmade in Gardner, Colorado by Botanical Creations.

Essential oils are powerful, always handle and use with care. Light resin infused charcoal tip of the incense stick, blow out the flame to produce a light smoke and place in a non-combustible ash catcher. Each stick will scent a room for up to an hour.

Fragrance: Clove, Cardamom & Patchouli
Pack: Contains 18 sticks
Dimensions: 8" of resin infused charcoal on a 10" stick

Botanical Creations began in the mid-80s with a line of aromatic products from herbs, flowers and resins available to them in the American Southwest. They started by making smudge products from desert sage that grew all over southern Colorado and northern New Mexico, then branched out to ecologically harvest pinion, juniper, fir needles and resins from the nearby forests to make fragrant and natural incense.

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