3" x 3" Floral Bouquet

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Floral Bouquet Layer Fragrance Column Candle

Multi-layer scented columns originated in the late 70's as a way for Bob to utilize recycled wax resulting from the ongoing trial and error process. The style is still as popular today as it was then but are now made with first run highly refined food grade paraffin wax because Waxman has found other uses for recycled wax over the years.

Each layer is a different scent, and perfect for someone who can't decide on just one fragrance!

  • Peony
  • Lily
  • Fresh Cut
  • Hyacinth
  • Lilac

Burns 36 Hours
Candle Dimensions: Width 3" - Height 3"

To help ensure an even burn, each time the candle is lit, we recommend letting it burn 3 hours before blowing out and carefully rotating periodically. Trim wick to 1/4" between burns. Keep wax pool clear of stray objects, burn on a noncombustible surface & never burn unattended.

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