About Our Paraffin Wax

Waxman Candles originated from a $5 paraffin wax hobby kit ordered by owner Bob Werts in 1969. Until the early 2000's soy wax was not readily available on the market, therefore Bob grew his business solely on his knowledge of and experience with paraffin (petroleum) based wax. Our paraffin is a U.S.A. made, highly refined, food grade wax. This means a high percentage of oil is removed during the refining process which results in a cleaner burning candle.

The quality is in the burn. With a mix of educated trial and error testing and high quality raw materials, Waxman Candles has spent the past 50 years working to perfect the burn of our products. Unlike many others, our candles are designed to release fragrance when the wax reaches its melting point which means our candles will smell strongest while they burn.

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