Chamberstick Ceramic Holder

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Historically, chamberstick holders were designed to be carried and have distinct features that include, them to be shorter in height, have a circular base with a flat area to catch drips, a central socket to hold the candle and a handle to the side. The name directly relates to the purpose of the item, as chambersticks were mainly used for escorting one to and around their chambers at night and were typically kept by the entrance hall so they could be used by any member of the household. Pictured with our 9" Beeswax Taper -  Candle sold separately.

Glaze Color: White Freckle
Dimensions (including handle): Width 5½" - Height 2½"
This holder will fit a standard 7/8" diameter taper.

Handmade on site at our Lawrence, KS location by the Waxman himself with the knowledge and support of two KU ceramics graduate students. Waxman Candles is building a line of press molded and hand thrown pieces that are plaster molded to produce slipcast pieces. Our entire ceramics line is food, dishwasher & microwave safe.

Ceramic materials sourced from Bracker's Good Earth Clays, Inc. located in Lawrence, KS.

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