Welcome to the Waxman Candles new virtual candle store!

Waxman Candles is proud to provide you, the candle loving consumer, with a premium quality product. Each waxman candle is made by hand, with more than thirty years experience behind every style and shape. The waxman has made a life's art out of wax. We invite you to treat yourself to a smokeless and dripless candle experience. The fragrances we use are sure to provide you with olfactory ecstasy.
The quality is in the burn.

The Waxman candle galleries are a must see for any serious candle person. Offering an array of hundreds of styles, sizes, colors, and fragrances of candles with unsurpassed burning quality. Our candles are great for decorating and gift giving. The waxman makes candles from 2" tall to 60" tall. The Waxman makes the candles that set the market standards. We guarantee that after you have experienced the performance of a waxman candle you'll agree that most other candles...just can't hold a flame. Waxman candles showrooms contain the most diverse selections of candles and candle accessories.Showrooms are located in Lawrence, Kansas and Chicago, Illinois.